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Monday, Jun 07, 2004

times up

fell asleep during the second half of the nba finals opener. at least from what i saw, detroit looked like it might have more of a chance than many believed. of course when noone scores more than 5 points outside of your two stars than it can be a long night. detroit played with more energy and more of a concept. it seemed like larry brown had outcoached phil jackson. but when your shots go in, it has a way of making your decisions look better.

i was marginally pro-laker as i rooted for them against the hated celtics back in the 80s but thanks in part to ever-so-tepid neoliberal kevin drum and his la triumphalism, im leaning toward detroit.

but really, i prefer chris rock to kid rock, so detroit better rock harder or theyll lose me again. not that anyone (including myself) cares. im just killing a minute between 7:49 and 7:50. and now a few words from our sponsors.