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Tuesday, Jun 15, 2004

death to poochie

travel day for me. made it to my destination but not without incident. somehow somebody fell under our train at the stop previous to the last. it was unclear when or how it happened or how serious it was. considering the general lack of alarm, it didnt seem life threatening. and instead of waiting like a good little poochie for an indeterminate amount of time (we were already a half hour behind schedule), i scuttled off in search of alternate transportation. however i misunderestimated the cost of a cab to my eventual location on top of which my cab driver got lost. if i could have strangled myself at that moment i might have but no such luck (for some).

anywho, ive made it to the farm (a farm if you count hay and taxes as cash crops). youll all be happy to know that the baseball glove is satisfactory. but for sure if i had bought a more expensive one id be playing in the pros right now.

lots of toys around here. im wireless on one of those mini sony vaios and theres some slick super slim panasonic digital camera just itching to be hotlinked. alas, ive proven too hideous at such close range to project but maybe in daylight ill find a worthy crevice to illuminate.

still, too much consternation. why do people make it so hard sometimes?