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Sunday, Aug 29, 2004

lets just call it treason

all this treason business is just tiresome. cant we get back to figuring out how many times one needs to be shot at over the cambodian border before one is considered a hero? how about some swiftboat logic? if 224 people at the pentagon support feith but only 14 are against does that mean that feith is wholly within his right to launch a nuclear attack against iran?

as long as im ranting, saw chris matthews (and ashley banfield) on bill maher. both seemed considerably more liberal than their msnbc personas. matthews sounded like a campaign operative for kerry in the way he tried to frame the debate for undecided voters. most telling was the conversation maher and matthews had about trying to secure conservative commentators. as i noted earlier, ask probing questions, get blackballed by the gop. lying with impunity = good for america. question authority = treason. (did somebody say treason?) umm, well maybe if everyone asked tough questions eventually little scotty stonewall would be as big a laughingstock as saddams former flack. and whats so bad about liberal viewers. we might not support the military-industrial complex but we do buy lightbulbs.

if only there were a way i could protest this outlaw regime. if i could just find 250,000 other sign baring extremists and hate groupians, im sure we could walk together in an orderly fashion. i just hope noone has to pee.