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Tuesday, Sep 07, 2004

go to the remote

always odd to see a name that is too familiar to go unnoticed. one of this weblogs proprietors lived on my floor one year in college. my only recollection of him is that he won a trip to jamaica on mtv's first gameshow, Remote Control -- think oversized chairs, college sweatshirts and Van Halen videos. the only reason i remember this, at all, is that i, too, was selected to be on the show, but was unable to because i had a final exam on the day they wanted me to be in new york for the taping. that i didnt think to ask if other days were available is surely one of my lesser failures of imagination. i can at least take solace in the knowledge that ive avoided years of acknowledging that i had actually met colin quinn. but sadly i cant deny that this cd was worn out while this had yet to breach the perimeters of my perceptions.