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Wednesday, Oct 06, 2004

matthews metier

in those fevered few moments at the end of the vp debate it was incumbent upon me to select a victor and a vanquished. so long as truth was not a determining factor, i called it a draw. i thought cheneys non responses were his biggest detriment. edwards likes to be expansive and work a room so i thought the time constraints cut into his strengths.

just saw chris matthews on msnbc say he was sticking by his post debate spin, which was a cheney landslide. he said this with an embarrassed look on his face as he now knows his panel does not represent the conventional wisdom. that his subsequent analysis did not meet with his initial findings is nothing unusual for chris, he lives in a state of dissonance between what he believes and what he mau maus daily.

the truly sad moment came when matthews lauded nbc for actually questioning the veracity of cheneys statements. it was like a revelation to him. they could actually see if what was said was true. matthews obviously has come down with some sort of disease if he thinks that people would like to hear the truth. wed much prefer his incisive debate analysis. "Cheney didnt scowl. Hes the clear winner!"