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Tuesday, Nov 02, 2004

feasting on tucker's brain, aka the honeycomb "kidney" pie balderdash

nothing i like more than tossing money away. just noticed im late on my credit card payment but also that i had a phantom payment for my satellite tv. turns out i had scheduled a repair within a 90 day window (after installation), but when i changed the repair date (a repair necessitated by their original shoddy installation) two days later (making the repair date sooner) it fell outside of the 90 day window. so if i happen to slaughter republicans in large numbers tonight should the unthinkable reoccur, id say im perfectly justified. i might take a few down just to elevate my mood. i know the boost will be short-term but ill take what i can get today. at least i didnt get a parking ticket last week for the direction i parked a car in a municipal lot. oh wait, i did. that the sign alerting me to THE PERMISSABLE made no sense just makes it that much more difficult to bear.

nothing i like more than choking down a fistful of rage before breakfast. makes me feel like a good and proper cereal killer. must kill all humans. im coo-coo for cocoa puffs. theyre grrrreat!