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Tuesday, Nov 23, 2004

cookie puss

had an opportunity for a great proustian "madeleine" moment but in my present mindstate it was all signifier with little signified. still, the cortical stimulation was pleasant enough.

saw through my gauzy windowshade at what looked not unlike some of toms molecule images yet possessing a spatial orientation that had a certain hazy familiarity of a different bent. that the colorful spots were slowly rotating allowed for a more solid recollection to begin to take shape.

(shit. this truck is in another state by now and im just in up to my ankles. fortunately theres another truck parked across the street with a rig which mimics the color of the original truck. so i can use that truck as a memory device to remind me of the other truck which itself was supposed to set off a flood of childhood memories but owing to my sentiment free mindset there was an unwillingness or an inability to venture down those hoary lanes. but, go ahead, finish your untale. i know i was enthralled.)