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Thursday, Feb 24, 2005

art of the link ladder

for all you hardened finkers out there, i appreciate the kind words in light of my poor performance in the koufax awards this year. i thought id finally get the recognition i deserve for being the Bluest Blog in the Blogosphere but that category has been terminated. i dont want stir up the tinfoil hat crowd but this cant be a coincidence. it was my time, dammit!

and speaking of time, its about time that i mentioned the link at the top right hand corner of this page. "ffac" opens on a generally moribund blog that i threw up to display the excellence of my coding abilities. the links on the right are my rss feeds to my bloglines account. the links arent static (except for the msm links) so the most recently updated blogs (one hour ping lag) will appear at the top of each subheading. not every link on my page is represented but most are, and there are a number that are new as well. i know y'all cant get enough of the alphabet soup-style links on my page but if you like real words instead of gibberish then this just might be for you.