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Tuesday, Apr 05, 2005

blue balls

"Dave Kingman’s name today is something of a bitter joke: a synonym for sluggishness, unpopularity, and dysfunctionality. Every discussion of bad fundamentals, bad fielding, and bad behavior inevitably leads to a Kingman mention.

But it wasn’t always that way. There was a point in Kingman’s career – an early point, yes, but a point – at which he looked for all the world as though he was going to be a multi-faceted contributor, a major star, quite possibly a Hall of Famer.

Not convinced? How about we take a look at him in comparison with a few young power hitters who closely preceded him."

or if youd prefer to recall the day reagan was shot and i became a tar heels fan.... its hard to believe the academy awards and the ncaa finals were to be broadcast simultaneously. i guess march madness was quite a bit saner then. btw, i was almost giddy watching pedro martinez pitch in a mets uniform yesterday. not giddy enough not to fall asleep during the game but it is baseball, after all. at 32 hes not as dominating as he once was but he still a marvel to behold, and as they say, is a true ace. unfortunately, the mets dont have a great closer in braden looper so martinez entered The Glavine Zone, where wins needed to bolster your hall of fame credentials become painful no decisions. randy johnson who has had to suffer TGZ in arizona will now benefit from The Clemens Effect with the yankees as a result of high run support which increases your winning percentage. barring injury, under TCE, i wouldnt be surprised in johnson won 25 games this year. no, really, this is just an aside.