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Friday, Jun 10, 2005

got dem home depot blues

as far as i can recall i have encountered nothing in my life nearly as moronic as home depot locking up access to exacto knives and their blades and then requiring a photo id to purchase. their concern has nothing to do with the possibility that they might be used to steal from the store because they are not at the register, and theres access to any number of more lethal weapons that are not under lock and key. so, essentially, this policy was put in place as a knee jerk reaction to a 9-11 story which may itself have been a fabrication. i should add that no record of your id is affixed to your purchase, so even if you were to, say, hijack an airplane with the intention of using it for purposes of terror, i cant imagine how they could link the two. i suppose it could be some cabal of lawyers idea of protecting home depot from some sort of liability claims but that makes it no less absurd that an orange cloaked clerk still struggling with the english language can deny me access to blades because my id doesnt meet some arbitrary standard.