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Saturday, Aug 20, 2005

only a quilted northern song

can anyone recall the ad i saw this morning that would have had me doubled over in laughter had i not been supine? non? me neither. guess ill have to settle for the guffaw i encountered when i was introduced to the concept of a "personal lubricant" courtesy of the good people at k-y. k-y is out of the closet.....and loving it!

also, i had a random televisual encounter with a former housemate. the chanceness of the encounter can not be overstated. i was not watching the credits roll for a show i hadnt watched. i lifted my head above the persistent fog long enough to notice my old friends stage name flash across the screen. and a flash it was, could not have been onscreen for more than a second. so i scrolled back through the tivo cache, and there she was, all agrimace, an expression i had assuredly inspired on numerous occassions and which would gratify me to no end if ever memories of said were drawn upon for inspiration. over at imdb i see that her character has recurred for an entire season on six feet under. pretty impressive. despite her driven nature, im surprised she stuck with her acting pursuits. thought she would find some other mountain to climb, that it was a post-collegiate artistic indulgence soon to be supplanted by another whim. maybe i was projecting. just another chapter in the book of persistence pays, i guess.

(the novelty is not lost on me.)