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Sunday, Nov 13, 2005

baba looney

in a pique i slammed my palm down on the counter at bereket. i had placed an order and told to wait while the young clerk finished up some previous orders. but then he took and filled a couples order while i was sitting at a table not far from the counter. obviously he had forgot, though im sure there was no malicious intent. so i got up to remind him, and while im at the counter trying to catch his eye, someone else steps up. the clerk kind of half notices me but then proceeds to help the other customer at which point i slammed my hand down. could have turned out badly but noone seemed to notice except the clerk, who immediately completed my order amidst apologies. guess ill skip the rageaholics group this week. however, i didnt tell the guy that wanted to charge me $3.50 for a bottle of pellegrino what he could do with it, so i might still have some issues to work out.