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Monday, Jul 03, 2006

berry nasty

i came very close to spitting on someone again today. i was waiting impatiently at the farmers market in union square to purchase a pint of blueberries. i had my ipod blaring so i was only minutely engaged with reality but even through that filter it was almost impossible not to notice the dithering of the farmista behind the makeshift counter. i had made no effort to get her attention beyond holding my $5 bill out in front of me to signal that i was prepared to pay. i wasnt insisting, i was just trying to make it known that i was ready. she was, at that moment, dealing with another customer who also was purchasing one pint of blueberries but somehow this exchange was taking minutes, not seconds to complete. that my hand was up at all was a result of my expectation that this previous transaction would be expedited with effeciency.

but then for whatever reason the hirsute-lipped farmstress decides to stop struggling with a plastic bag for the other patron and gives me a dollar which would be change for the blueberries that i was trying to purchase but then doesnt take my money. so now i have $6 dollars and the blueberries and im trying to give her the five so i can leave. i dont need no stinking plastic bag or nothing. so i imagine my arm thrusting becomes slightly more insistent, but little more, at which point she decides to go off on me. as i said, i had my ipod blasting so i couldnt even make out what she was saying but the phlegm was rising in the back of my throat eager to dot my non verbal exclamation. instead, i walked away but not before crumpling up my five and tossing it in her general direction.