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Friday, May 18, 2001


occasionally i listen to the tony kornheiser show over the internet. hes a sportswriter for the washington post. ostensibly the show is about sports but much of the patter is general in concern. for instance, he was just ranting about how he didnt fit into an off the rack suit and was disturbed by the clerks lack of concern. now, someone from the store has called him to service him better. but one thing thats drawn me in lately is that they are having some contract dispute for the online advertising. and believe me, the ads are enough to turn the stream off. sometimes they can span for more than 10 minutes. but during this outage, instead of dead air, they occasionally leave the mics open and have a show within a show. they are aware that the internet listeners can hear and sometimes they address us specifically. an interesting porthole into sportsradio at work.