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Thursday, May 24, 2001

double bouble

mmm. gotta love this jim jeffords business. imagine a politician actually acting on conscience and in the process wreaking havoc on his ideological opposition. and a sour lot they are. just check out some of the quotes kurtz culls from their rags like the ny post natl rev or the wall st. journal.

but jonah goldbergs excesses are unmatched as he dreams of the possibility of sewing a half starved weasel into jeffords small intestines as retribution. hes only projecting his displeasure he would surely argue but who writes shit like that in what i imagine they would consider a reputable magazine?? man if i ever had the chance i would take jonah goldberg and id nail him to the floor pour gallons of honey over him and send in millions of ravenous carnivorous ants which would devour him whole over the course of a few days but not before setting up camp in his liver and breeding inside his lungs. but thats just me.

meanwhile that tax cut breezes through the senate 62 - 38 (with jeffords voting for it) but it hopefully represents an end and not a beginning. maybe this is wishful thinking.