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been watching a bit more soccer this year which has me yearning for hd. and despite being offered a free hd dvr with more memory and one year free subscription (about $10 a month) from directv, i still havent made the move. i have an old sony wega which im told has some hd capabilities but at a lower resolution.

anyway, checked in on the english premier league scores this morning and noticed a manchester united blowout of some lesser squad. one of their forwards, dimitar berbatov, scored five goals. clicked on his wikipage as i knew nothing about him and within less than an hour his page had been updated to note that this five goal performance was only the fourth time in the history of the league that a player had scored that many goals in one game. not sure what im impressed by more, the feat or the speed of wiki.

as for other soccer news, the two premier teams in the spanish la liga face off on monday afternoon at 3 est. the matchup between barcelona and real madrid is known as "el clasico" and features arguably the two top strikers in the world, ronaldo for real and messi for barcelona. looks like its live on goltv in the us or streaming at espn3.

this may stream as well and has links to much pregame hullabaloo.

- dave 11-27-2010 6:17 pm [link] [5 comments]

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