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Thursday, May 15, 2003

ray of hope

rg has given me a shout out on his tiger cafe blog. and i couldnt be more pleased to be considered "very cryptic," or at least my reliance on lower case letters is. how could he have known that i had my shift keys amputated at the end of the preceding millennium in blog war 2: the final deletion. i would say more but our lord and webmaster google is all seeing and its threatened to "recall" my code in any number of scathing emails. just know this, the capital will be ours again one day, we wont be indexed into oblivion forever.


boob toobin

i really need to watch more tv. then i would have known that monica lewinsky was co-hosting on jimmy kimmel this week. and she still cant keep her mouth shut. and dont forget that conan claymation tomorrow. two reason to stay up late and then later wonder why you stayed up late to watch this crap.



im going to stop linking to newstories and just keeping thanking other bloggers for their blogrolling me. my q rating is bound to shoot through the roof. and i know frank likes it, who wouldnt want to make him happy? okay, im fighting back the mouseketears. do you have a hanky, chief?


Tuesday, May 13, 2003

underdogging it

ive been remiss in my contributions to american samizdat. for a while it kept crashing my computer whenever i would load it so i stayed away, but now i see that its working fine and has been redesigned. looks good.


hiz and hers

"(YellowTimes.org) – The war between Israel and Hizbullah was not simply born. It was conceived in a seething cauldron of all the things that make the Middle East a snake pit of unending bloodshed, unrivaled bitterness, and unfathomable duplicity.

To understand how this violent relationship might evolve in the future, and how the international community can most effectively seek to keep it under control, it is best to start at the beginning - the real one, rather than the red herrings bred by a mainstream media that is alternately guilty of gross ignorance and shameless fabrication."

via gush-shalom


più pasta, per favore

a shake of the collander to the well regarded mac-a-ro-nies for the link.


Monday, May 12, 2003

blair ink

neal pollacks pulling double duty on the times jayson blair fabulist story, once here for his peeps and another for some real scratch.

and gothamist has all the required links in case you slept in this weekend.



more blogwatching howdy doos --

angry bear


blog nation

alright, i made the world a better place to blog. okay, well, at least The Nation. sent them an email asking for permalinks for their blog entries and they have rapidly complied. who says the system doesnt work?


kick start

"(Saturday, April 26, 2003) - "Beckham Wants to Be Big in United States," blared the headline from a Reuters story this week, commenting on David Beckham's interview in the European edition of Time magazine.

The Mad Brit nearly choked on his Cadbury Chocolate Easter egg when he read that stunner. Is it really true that Beckham, the great English bender of balls, would ever consider crossing Atlantic to display his skills for a club under the Stars and Stripes?"