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Saturday, Feb 25, 2006

holy sheik

numerous versions of the song sheik of araby.


heart of gloss

new fiery furnaces - teach me sweetheart


Thursday, Feb 23, 2006

rabbit run

jenny lewis album rabbit fur coat available for free and legal download.


Wednesday, Feb 22, 2006

dick cheney school of management

fucking money grubbing whores. had a credit card account where they slipped in a yearly fee when they bumped up my credit a couple of years back. and since i never used that card i didnt notice the charge which caused me to get a beefy late fee. as per usual i told myself i had a year to rectify the problem. but untrue to form i remembered before it was too late. and, of course, all it took was one call threatening to cancel the card before they gave me a lifetime waiver. fuckers.


Friday, Feb 03, 2006

teen dream

dangerdoom - a.t.h.q. (aqua teen hunger force)

via hype machine


queen of the scene

pretty hot shit - lady sovereign - dizzee rascal meets peaches

via wiki


plug uglies

what the indie rock world needs for legitimacy is an awards show.......


spark it up

new sparks cd out soon.


care package

first travelling willburys album available for download.


case closed

fresh licks from neko case.