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Thursday, Jun 22, 2006

current events

so i was without power for about 18 hours at my apartment until moments ago. ok, thats not exactly true, i ran an extension cord last night from my neighbors apartment, but, in theory, i was powerless. and, as expected, it was a burnt out fuse. unfortunately, the fuse box is in the basement of the building which is only accessible through the landlords "store" on the ground floor. i dont actually think you can call it a store because noone has bought anything in there since 1955.

so im annoyed for any number of reasons with the landlord. first, the wiring in the building sucks, and he refuses to even consider looking into what could be done. and now it looks like it will end up costing me considerable dollars (in increased rent) to put in a gas line for a stove so i can cook and have the air conditioner running at the same time. (im guessing thats what tripped the fuse.) and, of course, that conversation was precipitated by my complaining about his negligence (always a touchy subject).

meanwhile, at least part of my hardship could have been avoided if he trusted his super with the keys to his store. there is absolutely nothing worth stealing in the store. there is no reason not to have this contigency plan for emergencies. the landlord even said it was a good thing this didnt happen while he was away, but there was a good chance he might not have come in today and he doesnt work on saturdays, so i could potentially have been without power until sunday. needless to say, he has no plans to make any changes except to charge me more.

and then i asked if there was any way to reach him after business hours so he could have come back and dealt with my problem, to which he said that he would not come back at night even though he only lives about 10 minutes away on foot (and it was 7pm when it happened). so basically he doesnt give a fuck. if the laws werent what they were, i would have bludgeoned him on the spot.


Friday, Jun 09, 2006

service ace

broke my sports viewing lockout recently. a first place mets team and time to kill made for an irresistible combination as did the clay courts in paris this week and my recent affinity for tennis. ive kept the nba at bay but ill likely dip my toe into the world cup later this morning. it would be nice with a chocolate croissant and a cafe latte but my garliced homefries and swiss chard breakfast will have to fill that void.

but my kvetch heute morgen is a familiar one. espn has shown the french open live all week. nbc buys the final weekend rights and will likely show condensed time delayed semifinals and could possibly treat the finals and their viewers with equal distain. you suck, nbc. ad infinitum.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

rip wink

went cd shopping (no, really) yesterday at other music, and by the time i left the store, i felt about 105. noone, other than the proprietors, seemed over 18. quite disconcerting. and virgin records was only marginally better. but, then, today i went budget binning at j and r music, primarily in the "oldies" section, and had the opposite sensation. other than myself it was all trench coats and borderline social security recepients. felt more like time square in its seedier incarnation. and if you put the clientele from both stores together and shake well, i think at the end of the day youd have quite a mess on your hands.

and speaking of a mess on my hands, i need a better "desk" chair. this one has taken too much pleasure in my displeasure. $300 or less, any ideas?


Friday, May 19, 2006

bags groove

"sorry for being such as douchebag lately."

"i wouldnt have called you a douchebag, but i wont question your judgement."


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

spit shined

maybe i should have dratfink be a compendium of my finkish outbursts. and if you are thinking thats what it already was, well, youd probably be more right than wrong.

offered someone a can of beer that was left in my fridge, a gift from one of my many admirers. the object of my largesse requested a napkin to clean off the top of the can, an ablution he said he performed on all canned comestibles prior to intake. i made a move toward a piece of cloth hanging from a cabinet door in order to render complete this act of kindness, at which point said object of said largesse made a point of saying that said piece of cloth was an unacceptable alternative. now, i havent had napkins in my apartment for years but i just happen to have some now and they just happen to have been hanging in a bag just next to the aforementioned cloth. so i reached into the bag of napkins and pulled one out, then wrapped it around the beer. but my general disgust at the request and the tone with which it had been leveled required some sort of response. and i found a perfectly good one, too, welling up in the recesses of my pharynx. thats right, just before thrusting the beer forward into his germaphobic mitts, i spat on the top of the can. needless to say, that beer went unconsumed.

so let that be a lesson to you, if you take a can of beer from my fridge, youd better wipe it clean, it might be, um, unsterile. just dont ask for a napkin.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"double drat"

bounding up the charts. subscribed yet? (i know you want to know what i ate for breakfast last week.) 20% more solipsistic than the original. guaranteed!


Wednesday, Apr 19, 2006

double your pleasure

fink forward?

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Sunday, Apr 16, 2006

now thats what i call a free market! i can finally afford to hire 50cent for my daughters bat mitzvah!

WASHINGTON -- American contractors swindled hundreds of millions of dollars in Iraqi funds, but so far there is no way for Iraq's government to recoup the money, according to US investigators and civil attorneys tracking fraud claims against contractors.


Friday, Apr 14, 2006

a pain in the ass is a pain in the ass

one of you gentiles want to make a distinction?

Nudge -- One who persistently pesters, annoys, or complains.

Kvetch -- To complain persistently and whiningly.


Wednesday, Apr 12, 2006

green machine

added this crap to my pristine carrot/beet/celery/ginger/garlic juice today in an effort to cut back on the number of pills im trying to choke down every day which is in the neighborhood of a dozen. not particularly tasty, and it turned my deep red juice into a shit brown muck. i had to throw it in the blender just to get it to mix properly. not particularly appetizing.