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Monday, Dec 15, 2003


"If Iraq is still going this badly in October of 2004, it would be a real drag on the Bush campaign. Yes, I said "this badly." One arrest doesn't turn it around, except in the fantasy world of political theater in which pundits seem to live."


Sunday, Dec 14, 2003

back-breaking news

somebody somewhere or manybodies manywhere have begun working on the theme music for saddams show trial.


video capture

looks to be a slow newsday.


cosp #4

saber-mets fans are happy tonight as centerfielder mike cameron has accepted the teams offer. its especially surprising as he was offered an extra year at the same rate by oakland. apparently he wanted to play on the east coast. here are his statistics. nothing spectacular but he may be the best defensive centerfielder in baseball which is a dramatic change from most seasons.


Friday, Dec 12, 2003


nominations for the left-leaning blogs koufax awards. my favorite post thus far --

"Best Right-wing Blog: Matt Yglesias when he talks about the environment, civil-liberties, or national questions."


Thursday, Dec 11, 2003

voll weavil

i knew i read something about a 3000 page book by william vollman. and for a mere $120 it can be yours. eventually.


my mentor

before there was drat fink, there was.....


cosp #3

aaron gleeman culls some random statistics from bill james 2004 baseball abstract .


that itchy feeling

new york times gives up on real news to take on the onion for primacy in the world of satirical news. that could be the only rationale for the header on this "special" news section. as for the inflammation, i can only empathize. try some cortisone.


Wednesday, Dec 10, 2003

cosp #2

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