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Sunday, Jan 18, 2004

ken e bunksport

another article by ken pollack. this time for his peeps at the council on foreign relations.


Friday, Jan 16, 2004


"Jan. 16, 2004 | LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Howard Dean received significantly more criticism on network newscasts than the other Democratic presidential contenders, who were the subjects of more favorable coverage, according to a study released Thursday"

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dean's list

"The second complaint involves Dean's personality. The argument is that he is too combative. This always struck me as odd. How can Democrats object to a combative person running against an incumbent president who tells the world: "Bring 'em on!" Do they think they can beat Bush with a wimp? With some guy who says, "On the one hand this, and on the other hand that?" I, for one, relish the sight of Howard Dean - his wrestler's neck bulging - taking on the president after Bush tries to tell us that record deficits don't matter, that Saddam Hussein bombed the World Trade Center or that a time of constant terror alerts is a safer world. Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, in endorsing Dean, called him the Harry Truman of the 21st century. Truman was a feisty little plain-speaking man - and a great president."

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desk job

CampaignDesk: Critique and analysis of 2004 campaign coverage from Columbia Journalism Review



"The much-discussed liberal radio network, designed to challenge conservatives' dominance of talk radio, took its first steps toward reality yesterday, when newly formed Progress Media announced it had both signed comedian and author Al Franken to host his own talk show and completed its first distribution deal in a major market."


le cafe du schwag

mon dieu, j'espère qu'ils échouent malheureux.


just call me richard

i dont know what strikes me as more odd -- that parents whose last name is Held would name their son Richard or that someone possessing that name would refer to themselves as Dick. who goes through life proclaiming themselves to be Dick Held?


Thursday, Jan 15, 2004

des moans

zogby poll has kerry "overtaking" dean in iowa


rubin sandwich

"brad delong explains how paul o'neill could have been as effective as robert rubin."


Wednesday, Jan 14, 2004

ass wholes

"When I ask him what the establishment is doing to stop Dean, Reed grimaces slightly, as if he's just taken a sip of castor oil. "What are we doing to stop him?" asks Reed. "From our standpoint, this has always been up to the candidates themselves." Reed and his colleagues at the DLC--often painted by liberals as a centrist Death Star, bulging with corporate money and insidious influence over party affairs--have published a few op-eds comparing Dean's candidacy to George McGovern's disastrous 1972 run. But that's about it. Some DLC operatives are working with Lieberman, others with Edwards. The New Democratic Network, a DLC-descended PAC, hasn't attacked Dean; instead, they've praised his use of the Internet to build a campaign organization. "Let's back up to your central premise," Reed continues, gazing wearily at a 7-inch-tall cup of Starbucks sitting before him on a conference table. "There is no establishment. We"--meaning Washington Democrats--"are a constellation of interest groups and ideologies and congressional voices. The evidence that there isn't an establishment is just the mere fact that we have so many candidates--and such a collective inability to choose between them."

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