drat fink

Saturday, Sep 13, 2008



Tuesday, May 22, 2007

glasses half empty

first time i ever left the house with my glasses in a soft case in the pocket of my fleece jacket and i managed to lose them. i will never leave the house without my bag again. the one thing keeping me from extra strength self recrimination is that a new prescription was long overdue and the frames were bent enough so that new ones were pretty much a necessity. so this will hasten that process but im still not happy about it because i really didnt need to bring them out at all as i never wore them and i debated this prior to doing so. this is where is curse myself out. where was my helpful new yorker when i needed them?

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Wednesday, Feb 07, 2007

free for all



no joke

i was so close to doing things right for a change and now it all looks like a titanic fuck up. it is making me sick.

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