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Saturday, March 31, 2001

well. i got something right today but it was probably the wrong thing. well?

just kidding around

the movie jerry lewis wont talk about. he wont even let people see it. he plays a clown in a concentration camp that entertains the jews on the way to the gas chamber. sounds uplifting. a friend is writing something about it for spin magazine and he actually got a call from jerry lewis. jerry was not about to be helpful. he has done his best to suppress the film and the only reason he returned my friends fax was to dissuade him to write about it. and lets just say that jerry lived up to his reputation for being a prick. but if you are going to get chewed out it might as well be from a legend. well?

b movies

Film Threat - Hollywood's Indie Voice well?

continental divide

The Long Ryders Home Page

looking for lewis and clark well?

pick up game

ill take duke and arizona today so expect a michigan state - maryland final. well?


ive never listened to either of these songs intentionally but they managed to seep into the dark matters in my mind to become the sirens song of the morn. and i realized they are essentially the same song -- j-lo's media manufactured hit and cisqo's thong thing. im not going to give good link. turn on the radio if you want to hear them. heres my abridged amalgamation -- even if you were broke, let me see that thong. well?

tagged and bagged

What Did the C.I.A. Do to Eric Olson's Father? well?

first down

not quite finished with the mystery of renewing broadsheet.com but im probably there. no dark circumstances, just a modicum of confusion. seems i registered with register.com but before they maintained control of the domains. i guess they just had the name but i was actually registering with network solutions. but the domains i registered only 2 months later are maintained by register.com. very confusing. if you looked at whois, you would think it was maintained by register.com. anyway. i have yet to renew with netsol. have to see if that will work before the saga is complete. well?

Friday, March 30, 2001

le royale blah blah blah

"At an open day at its French headquarters in Guyancourt, west of Paris, for instance, Antoinette Benôit, research manager, tried to explain how she added a Gallic touch to the hamburgers. Resembling a Left Bank student in her dark jacket and mauve scarf, she vaunted the “sauce à la moutarde” and cantal cheese that will soon sit in buns made by “La Boulangarie Française”. In Italy, the hamburgers include mozzarella cheese, for example. In India, they use lamb and curry sauce. Only in France does the chain have to add such local flavour to its advertising campaign."

pink moon

tv ads a boon for lesser known music acts well?

bush league

the shrub annoints himself commissioner of (little league) baseball. "go out and play georgie, let the adults conduct their important business meetings.and dont forget to play fair. the other kids have been telling their parents that youre a cheater and a sore loser and we will have none of that. dont you know bushies dont get caught georgie? dont worry though, we'll let the irs take care of their kind, or the cia if necessary." well?

five whoresmen of the apocalypse

"Bandits in Black Robes" by Jamin Raskin well?

thinking outside the bullocks

Crude Logic by Robert Wright well?

reformers zeal

im keeping half an eye on the campaign finance proceedings. the most amazing bit of tripe was last week when the pols and the media blowhards who love them became giddy over the prospect that they were actually legislating and deliberating in a moderately public and polite manner. ummm, isnt that what youre supposed to do all the time?? also, while some crowing was heard about closing the soft money loophole that awash parties in unregulated cash, appoximately $500 million in the last election cycle, i have yet to hear what increasing the hardmoney limits would amount to in hard dollars. but it is a good thing that corporations and unions cant throw down hundreds of thousands of dollars at the feet of the parties and expect them to dance. where will the money used to influence politicians go? will the money drain to shell organizations advocating for issues or will power shift more to people that can organize large numbers of "cap limit" donors? much has been made of the severability issue as to the constitutionality of various sections of mccain-feingold and its amendments. if the supreme court finds an element inconsistent with their interpretation of the constitution will the entire bill be invalidated? i dont know the mechanism for considering severability. from what i have gleaned, it seems an issue for congress and not the courts. ill keep on the look out for the answer. anyway, this was all a build up to the clauses which prohibit issue advocacy ads for up to 60 days before an election so as not to circumvent the soft money ban. but this raises the question as to what constitutes issue advocacy. dont newspapers which accept money from advertisers advocate political positions within that timeframe. can this bill work without threatening free speech or do news organization rate a special exception? michael kinsley considers this problem from the left while the loathesome ann coulter bemoans from the right. well?

fee to you

[ I N S I D E ] New York Times Digital Sees Subscriptions as Key to Its Future well?


it is said that dwight gooden will retire today. i was a big fan back in the day and then missed his burnout and fade away. fortunately i sold my shares (baseball cards) of dwight while they were at the top of the market. wish i could say the same about my stocks. so say good night to the doctor. he may have made his last housecall. nice to go out with another world series ring even if you didnt ever thow a pitch. also, in baseball news, in answer to jims question, yes, mel allens homerun call was "its going, its going, it is gone." well?

le garage total

i posted something this morning that got lost in the blogger storm but now i cant remember. i was pissy about something...oh yeah, the leaking and the leaselessness. the wrath has subsided but the leaks havent. the song that drummed in the day was stereo totals "crazyhorse." heres a good links page and a live concert. well?

Thursday, March 29, 2001

locker room

Newjack Nation: Living in a Prison State by David Plotz well?

take the money and run

Options Profitable for 3 AOL Time Officials (washingtonpost.com) well?

smoke filled rooms

salon perspective on the medical marijuana case under scrutiny by the supreme team. well?

sweat logistics

whats more pernicious having "sweatshop" printed on your nikes or the corporate control of media? you can guess what my answer is. well?

mr p-ditty

as im sure you all heard, puff daddy would now like to be refered to as p-ditty. i checked google and theres nothing much there except some gurls refuse. i checked on register.com and p-ditty.com is available. if i were more enterprising i would swipe it. any takers? i should look for one of those $15 sites. too bad the name is so queer. i cant really see it sticking. it sounds like a teletubby. p-dittys trying to change his image and lighten up a bit from the milquetoast badboy that he be. whatever. heres an insider account from the oscar party scene. p-ditty has a few choice words. dratfink, or as his friends like to call him, df, will now perform under the name fat drink. speaking of registering, i was reminded by this episode of my need to renew some of my domains . however, i am encountering some trouble renewing broadsheet.com. according to the numbers i should have a week and a half before i surrender the rights but i wonder if somehow ive screwed up and allowed them screw me out of the name. i have been informed by jim that i am actually not in control of the name by virtue of who i registered with and so i stumble on into the dark night. caveat emptor means i will take advantage of you if you dont assume the worst at all times. lovely ethics we have. lawyers and fine print. i wonder how much p-ditty wants for his name? songs that p-ditty has not sampled that were in my head this morning include the hard to find infomation about "drop your pants around your ankles, you make me shiver when you deliver" recorded by hillary long before slick willy dropped his. this song yielded to *gasp* the cranberries hit "zombie." im not proud but it is catchy, and apparently meaningful. whoops, i guess its p.diddy. still p.dumby. well?

shooting gallery

notes on nyc democratic mayoral contender alan hevesi well?

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

james and the peach basket

the day that goaltending was born well?

cover me

The New Yorker: Baseball Considered: Covers Gallery well?


ESPN.com - Page2 - Directing Mr. Jordan well?

stad clear

WorldStadiums.com - Front page well?

petering out

why sportswriter peter gammons sucks. well?

polluter in chief

Urging Bush to Resist Pressure, Forest Chief Resigns well?

joint session

Supreme Court Considers Medical Marijuana well?

swing batter

Baseball Primer - baseball for the thinking fan

Sean Forman's Blog - Baseball Primer well?

the horror

A Radical Transformation: David Horowitz (washingtonpost.com) well?

no way to treat a king

i saw the misuse of martin luther kings "i have a dream" speech in a tv spot the other day and wondered who was responsible for selling out his soul. i guessed it was the king family trust which has guarded guided and cashed in on his legacy. seems kind of seedy to me but im sure they have a thick stack of rationalizations at the ready to justify the sell out. well?

telltale heartless

not sure if there was a morning movement today as my mind was filled with bitterness. theres nothing like hearing someone (although ascribing humanity to this species might be a stretch as he is nearly simian) mocking you through the extra porous floorboards and walls. it was such a minor incident that i almost dont want to relive it again. but suffice it to say that the security in the building is awful and on more than one occasion the store downstairs has left the street door unlock allowing anyone direct access to my less than stellar exterior door not to mention their precious stockroom. so when i heard someone trying to open my door for five minutes without acknowledging their presence, my first instinct is to call downstairs and ask them if they sent anyone up for any reason of which there are numerous. normally i talk to the son of the landlord but he wasnt there so i asked the neanderthal if he knew anything. neanderthal was a prick. "i cant help you. im too busy." yeah, somebody might need a lightbulb and youre just the loser to help them. so much for collegiality. i hope he forgets his keys to the storeroom again (for the hundredth time). maybe this time ill keep them instead of being mr niceguy. meanwhile, the son of the landlord was talking about this "bitchin" mercedes he had seen. i guess he and neanderthal have bonded over their love of cars. "is that a 12 cylinder??" i couldnt help but smile knowing neanderthal would never be able to afford a mercedes in his life. i dont see much future earnings potential for a clerk at a second rate lighting store. maybe if he became a bodyguard hed have a chance but at this rate hes lucky to have money for the subway. ahh, now i feel better.its the same old song with a different meaning since youve been gone. well?


what an amazing thing to see as fireballer randy johnsons pitch collides with a dove in midflight. it looked like a snowball impacting a brick wall.

video available under the video tab in the baseball spotlight. well?

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

im spent

the consumer confidence index sounds like a con game. hey everybody, everybody else is feeling good again. so what if your portfolio is down 60%, confidence is up. go spend some money. feel good again. well?

cubanos grandes

i havent looked at this too closely but the teaser was "sex and the city" so my prurient interests were tweaked. well?

table for two

Michael Kinsley and William F. Buckley Jr. have a reservation at the breakfast table this week. well?

nano nano

Of Nanotubes and Buckyballs: Atomic-Scale Building Blocks well?

if i were a rich man

Salon.com People | George Soros well?

smoke screen

Salon.com Politics | If Jenna Bush is a pothead, is it news? well?

movimenti di mattina

(In Napoli, where love is king, when boy meets girl, heres what they say) When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, thats amore. When the world seems to shine, like youve had too much wine, thats amore. Bells will ring, ting-a-ling a-ling, ting- a-ling a-ling, and youll sing vita bella. Hearts will play, tippy tippy tay, tippy tippy tay like a gay tarantella. When the stars make you drool, just like pasta fazool, thats amore. When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet, youre in love. When you walk in a dream, but you know youre not dreaming, signore. Scuzze me, but you see, back in old Napoli, thats amore. (When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, thats amore.)Thats amore.(When the world seems to shine like youve had too much wine, thats amore.) Thats amore.(Bells will ring, ting-a-ling a-ling, ting a-ling a-ling, and youll sing vita bella, vita bella, vita bella. Hearts will play, tippy tippy tay, tippy tay, like a gay tarantella.) Lucky fella. When the stars make you drool just like pasta fazool, thats amore.(Thats amore)When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet, youre in love. When you walk in a dream, but you know youre not dreaming signore......Scuzze me, but you see, back in old Napoli, thats amore. Amore. Thats amore.

entire live dean martin concert on this page well?

pay for today

Baseball Fans to Be Charged for Internet Broadcasts well?

Monday, March 26, 2001

senator midriff

Ad Report Card: Pepsi's Britney Exposure by Rob Walker well?

hannah and her sisters

top baby names in america 2000 well?

behavior 101

"some slump, huh?" thats the first thing tiger had to say after his victory at the tpc to the interviewer refering to the overplayed media story that tiger hadnt been winning as he had last year. he also gave the interviewer a few light knuckle raps on the meaty part of his upper arm. tiger couldnt enjoy the million plus hed just pocketed instead he chose to get back at the media which had been needling him lately. the similarities between woods and michael jordan are apparent here. they are maniacally competitive. but michael always seemed to keep his cool on camera while woods can come across as petulant. maybe its the nature of their respective games or just their differing personalities.

anyway, i forgot to mention bob dylans oscar. hes frightening to look at and even listen to at times but hes still got something and its always a joy to watch him twitch on camera. of all the acceptance speeches, only his and soderbergs stood out, although julia roberts was amusing and the old men with their lifetime achievements had a touch of the real. oh yeah, and the cinematographer for crouching tiger was dare i say cute? -- help im being attacked by the league of anti-colloquialists! well?

blues rodeo

hob.com: Live Concert Cybercasts, Pay-Per-View, House of Blues Radio well?

in the cue

Federal Communications Law Journal 47, 3 Schwartz well?

grass stains

"The House Assassinations Committee may have been right after all: There was a shot from the grassy knoll."

king tut tut

i know everybody has post oscar party hangovers, that wolfgang puck sure can cook. and the dreamworks party was a dream. i just danced with angie winny and julia all night long. its a wonder im even able to type. another bloody please. ok, its just soymilk and i was nowhere near la last night, unless watching the lakers win constitutes being there. and i did watch much of the oscars like every other rube in america. i havent even seen any of the movies yet. well, i did rent almost famous recently so i had a rooting interest. but kate hudson is no kate hepburn, not yet at least. she was upset by the woman from pollack, likely a weighter role, but most of the night was true to form. the only other possible exception was ang lees loss for best director. it is almost inevitable that the directors guild winner will take home the oscar but not this year as soderberg snuck in for the victory. somehow gladiator got top pix honors over either crouching tiger and traffic. but the three top films all walked away with significant prizes and julia roberts won so most everyone will be satisfied with the results. onto the really important topic, was steve martin any good as host? i liked him but his barbs were quite dry and pointed. he didnt really start to warm up to the crowd until toward the end. it seems that wild and crazy guy has long been institutionalized and a more somber bitter martin has emerged. i had no problem with that but i wonder what the rest of prozac nation thinks. in any case, it was nice to see him in front of a live audience. check this out for some true old school. another version w/lyrics.

back over in the sporting world the final four is in. despite both my finals teams having been ousted, i did nail the other two final four contestants. so what do we have left -- michigan state v arizona and duke v maryland. i guess ill hold my predictions until the end of the week. in other news, monday morning has its own excitement as tiger woods takes a one stroke lead into the back nine at the tournament players championship. if you know one golf hole, its the 17th at sawgrass with the green surrounded by a whole lot of agua. it should be on nbc so check it out if you care.

oh yeah, what was that damn song this morning? its slipped my mind. although over the weekend there was nina simones "do i move you" from her 1967 Sings the Blues cd so that will have to do until my memory hiccups.

ok, more steve martin. heres a very funny old video and a new animated short that he wrote. well?

Sunday, March 25, 2001

pipe dreams

this is turning into a regular occurence. no pun intended. talking to a friend on the phone this morning. he said that they (whoever he was with) were upset that they couldnt get a high colonic because wherever one gets such a treatment was closed. thank god for sundays, i would say. then he joked that they would buy a kit an self administer it on each other. i said it sounded like i was really missing out and then i hung up as quickly as possible. well?

stick a fork in him too

"if you liked it so much, it was bound to be despicable" -- george will to sam donaldson regarding the movie erin brockovich.

stick a fork in him

Bush pokes fun at himself at Gridiron well?