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Monday, Mar 17, 2003

Letter to Di Fi
March 16, 2003

Hey Diane,

How's it going? I noticed you're working on identity theft. That's an important issue. Please be thorough. But, now to the point of my letter.

Do you now regret writing a blank check to Mr. Bush on October 11, 2002? Seriously Diane, didn't you get a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach last August when Bush sent some low level policy functionaries to the Sunday talk shows espousing the opinion that Mr. Bush needed no further authorization from anyone to proceed with an invasion of Iraq?

On February 26th, you raised doubts about Mr. Bush and his policies. You're an experienced politician. Why did you fail to foresee the arrogance and unilateralism that you now deride?

The likely outcome was clear, as noted in my letter to you of September 26th, 2002. Please re-read this letter now. It's one of my better ones. You should also take time to re-read the words of Senator Byrd.

You had the power to stand up to Bush. You failed to use it. You were granted by the constitution a power of fundamental importance, the power to declare war. You gave that power away.

Did you spend time at the recent CDP convention in Sacramento? Do you have any idea just how pissed off people are? Do you have any plans to redeem yourself to the state of California before the 2006 primary? And finally, have you given any thought to joining the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party?


- mark 3-17-2003 10:46 am [link] [2 refs] [1 comment]