ree is a sauce maker.
for you bill

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There is no way you will ever be this hip.
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his blog Nice interface.
last week it was radioactive wild boars in germany

this week....

According to the New York Times, one of the 100 or so passengers stood up to retrieve his baggage from the overhead compartment before the plane had reached a complete stop and refused Slater's request that he sit down.

Slater, a career flight attendant, approached the passenger, who continued to pull his baggage from the compartment, striking Slater on the head with it in the process.

When the passenger refused to apologize, the paper reported, Slater used the public-address system to berate him, then deployed the emergency chute, grabbed a beer from the beverage cart, yelled "It's been great!" and slid down and went to his car.

He was arrested later at his home in Queens.
Rouge Tomate summer menu, wish I had the time/money/liver to eat and drink everywhere I wanted this summer, but I will get here, Linda can we get a sitter one nite??
All good things must come to an end, change!!

So after 3 & 1/2 years of many liver flushes tonight will be my last for some prob many years.....

Started as Get Skinny 2007 shall end as The Final Flushtere 2010.
Lost 2/3's of the 30+ pounds I set out to, lowered my cholesterol and overall gave me a step toward my new plan of eat even better and drink even less....

This is prob #15 or #16, all is flowing the same minus an extra day of juice fasting, so a full two days....

Been a great healthy learning experience but tonight its all down the drain towards a new change....
Next, we move to the left-hand vertical of our [semiotic] Square "positive deixis"
scrappy bitters
farmers markets
android takes the lead
verizon froyo != froyo
i love mona simpson, but i never knew she is steve jobs long lost sister. apparently, he was adopted, while she was raised by their birth parents. wow.
Company Overview: We're creating a platform for cultural exchange between the cities of Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York. We see this DIY cultural sister city initiative as amplifying an existing web of connections and projects, building on the shared DNA of the two communities with their strong neighborhoods, vibrant food cultures, thriving art-making and music communities, and forward-thinking arts and educational institutions.
wow eater has a pdx!!
portland has great food carts it looks like
mini monet
anyone going to jump in a dumpster?
15 Green Cities 51
by Grist 19 Jul 2007 5:08 PM

These metropolises aren't literally the greenest places on earth -- they're not necessarily dense with foliage, for one, and some still have a long way to go down the path to sustainability. But all of the cities on this list deserve recognition for making impressive strides toward eco-friendliness, helping their many millions of residents live better, greener lives. If your favorite green city didn't make the list, tell us why it deserves recognition in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

1 Reykjavik, Iceland
Remember the grade-school memory device "Greenland is icy and Iceland is green"? It's truer than ever thanks to progress made by Iceland and its capital city in recent years. Reykjavik has been putting hydrogen buses on its streets, and, like the rest of the country, its heat and electricity come entirely from renewable geothermal and hydropower sources and it's determined to become fossil-fuel-free by 2050. The mayor has pledged to make Reykjavik the cleanest city in Europe. Take that, Greenland
What are Cicadas singing about?


Same as everybody else.
nyc dept health website