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goodridge roberts
Goodridge Roberts, Bright Day, Georgian Bay, 1961.
Royal Bank Financial Group's
Corporate Art Collection
roberts detail
bc binning
B.C. Binning, Atomic Foundation, 1950.
Artists 4 Kids,
Original Prints by Canada's Finest
Contemporary Artists
binning detail
Frederick H. Varley, For What?
Canada's Digital Collections
varley detail
George Elliot (1953): "Colour of course, is the first element to be sacrificed if painting is put in front of the television camera. Can you imagine a Goodridge Roberts landscape without Roberts' very private blues and greens? Binning's subtleties of colour are an important part of his charm. Varley's disturbing palette of piercing greens, blues, cold pinks and earth are essential to the uniqueness of Varley.
A painting needs an intellectual presence before it can work its magic. Placing anything between the viewer and the painting kills the viewer."

Excerpts from: George Elliot, "A Warning to Artists," in Canadian Art, Spring 1953, p.10-6 (as reprinted in Video re/View, Peggy Gale and Lisa Steele, eds., Toronto: Art Metropole/VTape, 1996, p.20)

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