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Yes I do accept my discretion. Rob Cruickshank sent me this link to a flying-through-space Christopher Walken with a note: "This effect needs to be overused on your blog, with or without Mr. Walken." Hence the flying pod. It's easy as pie! (Actually its a lot easier than pie. Pie is kind of tricky because you have to make the crust.) The original Space Walken post is at Mighty Optical Illusions. Here's their recipe, pretty much as it was posted by Vurdlak:
This ubercool Illusion of Christopher Walken [green pod in my case] flying through space [over ocean] is our newest submission. Believe it or not, this magical "animated" illusion is a composition of only four frames. The second two are just color-inverted originals (with small modification in shiftment from the original). It gives you opinion Chris [pod] is drifting through galaxy [over ocean], while in fact he's [it's] just leaning milimeter back and fourth for our photo-session ;)
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- sally mckay 4-05-2006 10:52 pm [link] [2 refs] [add a comment]