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Happy Easter!!!! and as usual the Ukrainians own it. (courtesy of Anthony Easton)

The Eurovision entry from the Ukraine was Verka Serdyuchka, precipitating street protests by angry Ukrainian nationalists and pro-Russians. From Macleans:
[pro-Russians] took to the streets on Sunday to protest against the choice of Serdyuchka, [...] saying she will embarrass Ukraine on the world stage and demanding that the country withdraw from the Eurovision contest.

For Russians, the anger over Serdyuchka arises from her song, Dancing, and its apparent exhortation in the refrain for audiences to sing "Russia goodbye" (that she also performs, in part, in a German accent is seen as an attempt to tar Russians as fascists). Serdyuchka has dismissed the controversy, saying that listeners have misheard the offensive phrase, which actually means "churned butter" in Mongolian.

Sally & I made Easter eggs for you.



- L.M. 4-08-2007 9:04 am [link] [9 comments]