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Sunday Devotionals

Run for your life besieged secular humanists, there's only two positions: my utter religious faithlessness or Pat Robertson, and you must choose! (United Church ladies have no standing, and Buddhists no longer get a free pass if they want to be artists, unless of course they stick with the Tibetan sand mandelas. But then they still don't get to be part of the discouse) Interesting interview with James Elkins about the Re-Enchantment Roundtable (thanks to simpleposie for pointing this out) Not enough discussions of this kind, but I found at times a smarmy tone of defensive pompousness and a narrowness that was enough to send me rushing into the arms of Charles Taylor.

This conversation with myself is going nowhere fast. So take an ecstasy break and listen to the art of The Barrett Sisters. (footage from the stellar 1982 documentary "Say Amen Somebody")

Below is the original trailer for the film that was set at a gospel conference in Houston:

- L.M. 4-15-2007 10:32 pm [link] [24 comments]