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I have been looking for this image for a long time, it was scrubbed off the Canadian Government's on-line image archives, but magically reappeared on an Alberta separatist's web site.

(Anthony Easton, why do they want to separate? Should they stay or should they go?)


Next on the agenda are the imaginative and rythmically edifying jottings from an eminent lady of letters, Hannah Evans:

In Cuba a man named Fidel
Told America 'You go to hell'
His health is now ailing
His government failing
But his hat and cigar still look swell.


I might add that this gentle-lady with a pen is mighty pissed off that the political email list she subscribes to has a 'no limericks' rule. And so we stand in solidarity with her as I was pissed off by that very same list's 'no long emails about the dream I had last night' rule.

(they also make fun of Sally whenever she brings up the subject of mimesis. That's just so wrong of them.)

- L.M. 3-06-2008 9:50 am [link] [1 ref] [5 comments]