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platform 7D_2004sm
Vid Ingelevics Platform #7D 2004

platform 10B_2004sm
Vid Ingelevics Platform #10B 2004

I'll follow Leah Sandals' lead and do a shout-out to Vid Ingelevics as well, for this quote that she found on some especially vindictive Globe & Mail threads:
I will give an example of exactly the kind of thing that we will not see anymore with these short-sighted and ideologically-motivated cuts to Canada's cultural programs by the federal government.

As an independent curator I worked with a team on a project for one of Canada's largest public archives to digitize and put on-line a history of Eaton's department store display windows that covered the entire country and almost a hundred years of our history. With almost 200 hundred images, this important aspect of Canada's history is now available to anyone in the country (or the world) who has access to a computer and the net. A significant chunk of the funding for this ambitious project was provided by Canadian Culture Online, a program that the Tories have just cut.

Speaking for myself, it is truly disheartening to have a government that demonstrates such utter contempt for our culture and, ultimately, our history.
And before any tories get all wet over these platform images, they are for hunting humans.

- L.M. 8-26-2008 6:36 am [link] [2 refs] [7 comments]