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MELODRAMZ: A Night of Contrivances. A launch for David Balzerís new e-book of short stories, Contrivances. At The White House Studio Project, 277.5 Augusta Ave., Toronto, ON. Friday May 11, from 8 pm - 2 am.

Including a group GIF show, curated by Rea McNamara, featuring the works of Helen Adamidou, Gaby Cepeda, Manuel FernŠndez, Tony Halmos, Georges Jacotey, Rollin Leonard, Grace McEvoy, Sally Mckay, Rea McNamara, Lorna Mills, Chiara Passa, Yoshi Sodeoka & Giselle Zatonyl. Projections start at 11:00 pm.

gif by Manuel FernŠndez for MELODRAMZ

my MELODRAMZ gif for the event

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