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My neighbourhood has Nighthawks. In the summer I sleep with my head next to a window, and I can hear them going peent peent* as they dart around up above the rowhouses, conducting their nocturnal flycatching activities.
*according to Roger Tory Peterson (actually the cry really does sound like that, which is part of the reason I like them)

- sally mckay 5-12-2004 7:56 am [link] [7 comments]

krazy kat

big pencil

Remember Krazy Kat? I find it hard to believe that George Herriman was writing this strip at the beginning of the last century. The art jokes are self-referential, and the mood is existential. The characters are obssessed with one another, and yet they utterly fail to communicate. The disconnects are so consistent that they don't even notice, each content with his own version of events. It's an exquisitely poignant picture of humanity: ultimately all we really need is to register one another's existence. But this proves to be no small task. Here's what E.E. cummings said about Krazy Kat: "The sensical law of this world is might makes right; the nonsensical law of our heroine* is love conquers all."
* Krazy Kat was supposedly genderless, but I guess the guy is entitled to his opinion.

krazy kat 2

- sally mckay 5-12-2004 2:59 am [link] [6 comments]