Actually it's Top Ten Aesthetic/Art Event time. (best or worst, we're easy) (of 2009 or the last decade, again we're totally easy on this point, unless all the art you liked, say, 8 years ago, turned out to have had best before dates stamped on them)

Send us your lists and links (so we can source images.)

Do not miss this opportunity to judge out loud instead of silently.

Do not miss the same opportunity for blatant self-promotion that Sally & I take advantage of every day.

Our sort of deadline is Dec. 27th. (let's not leak too much into the new year)

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"...Anyone else (if anyone's still reading...) find that thinking of an ideal reader helps them in the writing process? Anyone going to use that strategy when writing their allymckay/?50363"top 10s for Sally & LM? (Anyone can submit, due December 27, details ..."

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