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schwarz-truck, a 1995 ford f150 with two 17 gallon tanks is more than happy to suck down over one hundred and five dollars worth of 78 in a single feeding this summer. IF THEY'D LET YOU! i was fueling up for a road trip last week that would require all but one quarter of one tank when the mandatory nj pump jockey quit half way through filling the second tank and handed me back my card requiring me to take issue and give some serious attitude. there were no signs indicating any limits by whom ever is in the business of making limitations on things. and since i had been using a self imposed $20 fill-up limit (recently raised to $30) and always used cash i had no prior personal knowledge of sale limits. it was only when the pump cut off at $75 on the return trip fill-up that i put 17 and 17 together. "its the banks" the maine quickie gas lady confirmed. i paid cash for the balance of the fill on both occasions. man, if it aint one thing... its two things.

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