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justin was slimed this week by KB so i started looking around. the best examples are sited on the last link of this post at the tesla motor club message board. they did a great job of pinning down the bull shit and the aka's - key words: electric car

I'd ignore what Kerry Bradshaw AKA Kent Beuchert AKA thebike AKA Tom C Gray has to say. There might be some truth buried somewhere in the bile but, unsurprisingly, there's usually lots of crap as well. Google him and see what I mean.

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Above comments by “tom c gray” and “kerry bradshaw” are actually from the same person. Usually he comments under the name Kent Beuchert and he is the author of literally thousands of cranky anti-electric car comments across these here internets. Google is your friend.

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Kerry beauhrt is a paid hack of the oil companies that frequently puts up false data in support of failed energy policy.

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The Kent Beuchert Affair: Bias and Corporate Lobbying on a Science Blog Energy Blog sponsored by Shell?
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Here's a whole thread about Kent Beuchert AKA Kerry Bradshaw AKA Tom C Gray AKA thebike (etc.) over at the TeslaMotorsClub. It's apparent from his thousands of posts that Kent hates the idea of an electric car unless it includes a "range extender" like the Volt. Actually, he's a regular commenter at He has "electric car" in his google alerts and seems to monitor this quite religiously as his comments are often the first to appear after "electric car" is published somewhare on the net. I personally suspect he isn't so much a shill as just very very lonely and bitter.

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