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After playing for almost an hour and a half, Gibby Haynes got mad at the sound guy who was on the side of the stage - something about not turning up the monitors. I don't know his name, but the sound guy was one of the Bowery Presents regulars. Gibby walked over and punched him and/or threw a bottle at him. Next thing you know security escorts Gibby off the stage mid-song. Nobody really knew what was going on. The band continued to play for at least one more song, and then left in a proper manner with lots of applause and high fives to the front row. Everyone started going crazy (in a good and drunken way), demanding an encore. It's not often you hear the crowd actually scream for a band to come back. We're all so spoiled. We just assume they always will. Of course there was the confusion about the way Gibby made his exit, and that was probably why people were chanting "Gibby" even louder and longer than usual.
that was genesis?
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