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Stanley Marcus' Lakewood house, for decades the most glamorous residence in Dallas, may be torn down by the couple that once spurred efforts to preserve it.

The Lovvorn family has made some changes to the Marcus house, including painting the red-brick exterior and altering the entry, since buying it in 1994. From left are Janie, Tricia, Justin, Ben, Parris, Patty and Mark Lovvorn. The announcement by Dallas banker Mark Lovvorn, who bought the house from Mr. Marcus in 1994, brought a mixture of shock, surprise and anger from preservationists statewide.

But Mr. Lovvorn, chairman of Providence Bank of Texas, said restoring the house is economically impractical. He said he and his wife, Patty, intend to build a new house for their family on the 3-acre site. The Dallas Central Appraisal District has appraised the house and land at $1.8 million.

"Our family has always loved this house and appreciated the history of this house," he said. "That said, there are things we would like to do that you can't do with a house this size and this age."

Mr. Lovvorn sent a letter late last month to the Texas Historical Commission, notifying the agency that he intended to demolish the house, triggering a 60-day waiting period. The commission has since exercised its option to extend that period an extra 30 days and has asked to meet with the Lovvorns. Mr. Lovvorn said he would welcome the opportunity to discuss alternatives.

Beyond imposing a waiting period, the commission has no power to stop the demolition.

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