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The prevailing attitude is that dragstrips and other racetracks were driven away primarily as a result of urban development. As I began to show last month, it just ain't so. In my search for the locations of former SoCal strips, I was astounded to find, in approximately nine out of ten cases, that the settings were still bare, vacant land or-as in the case of Ramona-the former track is still right there, with weeds growing through it. In fact, this seems to be the case nationwide. In a monthly series in the magazine's Straight Scoop column, Car Craft has been running photos sent in by readers of still-existing but abandoned dragstrips in all parts of the country, and that's been going on for more than three years. Think about it. Most strips were built in pretty remote areas-for obvious reasons-in the first place. In most cases, this is the last acreage to be developed

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