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Ike, the hurricane, missed New Orleans and ravaged parts of Texas instead. While one might think the Crescent City would breathe easier — it’s really not the case . people there are asking themselves just how many times they can evacuate. it is difficult and expensive to have to haul ass for every potential hurricane. There are those who think that at some point New Orleans should just factor the water in and make itself some liquid thoroughfares like Amsterdam or Venice– have the city adapt… and there might be a lot of sense in that point of view — neighborhoods like the lower 9th and east Lakeview were built ON wetlands, and , it seems, nature is trying to reclaim them. The neighborhoods on higher ground — what the locals refer to as the ’sliver by the river’ are part of New Orleans original charter and were built specifically because they were on higher ground — the rest of these communities came much later……
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