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To: Miami Marines:

We are delighted to tell you that that the City of Miami Historic and Environmental Preservation Board designated the Marine Stadium as a Historic Structure at its meeting on October 7. The vote was 8-0. We have pasted a link to the Miami Herald article below. We have also attached the article as a file to this email in the event that the link "times out."

What's Next

With successful designation of the Stadium, we now move to the next step-developing a feasible plan to bring back the Stadium. We understand that the City of Miami will issue a Request For Proposals (RFP) for management and development of the Stadium. We look forward to assisting the City and making sure that there are quality responses to this process. We will continue to quietly build organizational support and research aspects of programming and financing. If you haven't checked lately, please go to the "Letters of Support" section of our website, Many of the organizations listed can be helpful to us in this process. We expect more letters soon.

We will immediately begin to pursue National Register Designation, which is required for the 20% Historic Tax Credit. With the tax credit in hand, we can finance 18% of the Marine Stadium restoration costs, net of fees. We continue to search for other sources of funding for the Stadium.

We expect more publicity in national publications shortly and we will try to use the designation as an opportunity to attract more press. At the same time, we will probably begin planning an even to discuss the Stadium in an open, informal gathering .We are also beginning to think of doing a fundraiser Please email us with any ideas and suggestions you have-and if you would like to help. Finally, please continue to refer people to our website, The last several days, we have gotten the greatest number of web hits we have ever received. Conclusion We imagine there is some Chinese proverb that reflects how we feel right now.....something about taking an important step in a long journey. Historic Designation is a major accomplishment and the Marine Stadium is worthy of it. But returning the Stadium to use is our main goal. We continue! Jorge Hernandez Becky Roper Matkov Don Worth Friends of Marine Stadium.
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