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The architectural historian Charles Jencks coined the term eye-con in relation to this proliferation of architecture pumped up to bursting by hype a sub-species of the hype that first inflated, and then destroyed or maimed several of the world's most iconic financial institutions. Icons are images or likenesses that represent something. Most of today's so-called architectural icons represent only the iconic intentions of their designers, or commissioners. These buildings are iconic, but not actually icons in any potent sense. It doesn't fully exist, or engage. This complexity is not merely an academic luxury; nor is it confined to the Richter-Hampstead-Shires scale of "good value" conversational grist among the chattering classes. Architecture, from Hawksmoor to FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste, an architecture practice), exists in an age where Googlism has replaced Fordism as the paradigm of infinite growth and consumption.

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