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The Mad Auction

MAD has saved the best for last. In the words of legendary MAD editor Bill Gaines, these three dozen pieces of art represent "the heart and soul of MAD Magazine."

Now these last three dozen are going to be up for auction. After that, the vault is not only closed, it's empty. For an entire generation that cut its comic teeth on MAD - an influence still felt today in television, film, Internet and print - this will be the final chance to own a piece of humor history.

"You have some of the most iconic MAD covers and special art from the amazing original group of artists at the magazine," said Jared Green, Vice President of Business Development at Heritage. "These are names like Norman Mingo, Jack Davis, Bob Clarke and Richard Williams."

"These final 36 pieces were retained from three previous sales of the MAD archives at Heritage, Sothebys and Christie's," said current MAD editor John Ficarra. "We have waited until all the rest of the great artwork of MAD was sold to offer this final collection. It just doesn't get any better than this."

"MAD Magazine set the standard in the mid-20th century for humor magazines and the three sales of the MAD archives have shown how highly readers value it," said Green. "Heritage could not be happier that MAD and DC Comics have come back to Heritage to close out this historic collection."
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