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Thirty years ago photography was art if it was black and white. Color pictures were tacky and cheap, the stuff of cigarette ads and snapshot albums. So in 1976, when William Eggleston had a solo show of full-color snapshotlike photographs at the august Museum of Modern Art, critics squawked.
you know there are two schools of thought on this.
Shirley concurs. He calls me up every now and then, asks how Im doing, and I say, Good, she says, fond but firm. She is pleased to own an Eggleston photograph at home and proud of his success, but, like the Lamps regulars, her feelings for her famous neighbor are complicated. I like Bill, but he cant come in here. Will you be sure and tell him I said hello?
his "pub crawl" documentary stranded in canton is excerpted here on you tube.

enjoy more of his work at eggleston trust website

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