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A 27-story limit - the height of the landmarked Parachute Jump - has been placed on the tallest buildings, but most will be much lower, city officials said.

"This plan protects and preserves the unique character of Coney Island while bringing new housing, shops and recreational facilities to a community that needs more of each," Mayor Bloomberg said in a statement.

The plan's newly imagined "Wonder Wheel Way" will connect three iconic rides; the 88-year-old Ferris wheel, the Parachute Jump and the Cyclone, officials said.


So it comes to this. Later tonight–6:30 to be exact–the Municipal Art Society will hold its final meeting on Coney Island, where it will take comments from the community, present the work of its charrette team, and, finally, present their recommendations to the city, a copy of which AN has received. The group’s timing couldn’t be better because we have also learned that the city is to certify its own long-simmering plans for Coney on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the entire neighborhood has gone (further) to pot.

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