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I once described Blossom Dearie as "the hippest person in the world." It was a forgivable piece of hyperbole, though she was surely one of the strangest creatures in the world, a fey woman with a tiny, childlike voice and a hard-earned reputation for craziness who sang in a style precisely equidistant between jazz and cabaret, accompanying herself on the piano with supreme delicacy and finesse. She was also an exceptionally fine composer whose best songs, "I'm Shadowing You" and "Sweet Surprise" in particular, deserve to be much better known. Her long run at the now-defunct Danny's Skylight Room, which lasted into the twenty-first century, gave those not yet born when the New York cabaret scene was at its height a chance to know something of what it was like.
i picked up on bd watching steve allens afternoon variety show. made for some real good daytime tv in the 60s-70s and a talent tip worth keeping for a lifetime.

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