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More than sixty samples of criticism reprinted from a variety of sources offer insights about the most controversial artist of the century. The collection includes some of the most important and best examples of Warhol criticism and provides access to material that is no longer easily obtainable. Organized chronologically, the criticism has been selected on the basis of its value in interpreting Warhol's artistic legacy. Valuable for scholars, students, and others interested in art and popular culture.

The diverse nature of the texts presented here enables readers to compare critical and popular reactions as well as to follow the evolution of the criticism. In addition, as unrevised art history, the material offers additional insight into issues related to art criticism, art history, and the machinery of culture. The work includes a chronology of the artist's life, a selected bibliography of over 100 entries, and a detailed subject index providing a complete, cross-referenced directory to the assembled criticism.

Table of Contents:

* Series Foreword by Cameron Northouse
* Preface
* Introduction
* The Warhol Legacy by Alan Pratt
* Chronology
* The Nineteen Sixties
* New York Letter by Michael Fried
* Andy Warhol by Donald Judd
* Andy Warhol by Henry Geldzahler
* Art Notes: Boom? by Grace Glueck
* Andy Warhol by Sidney Tillim
* Saint Andrew by Robert Rosenblum
* Soup's On by Marianne Hancock
* The Image Duplicators--Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg and Warhol by Ellen H. Johnson
* New Tendencies in Art by Aldo Pellegrini
* The Underground Overflows by Bosley Crowther
* Pop Art by Lucy Lippard
* Andy Warhol: The Artist as Machine by Paul Bergin
* Andy Warhol on Automation: An Interview by Gerard Malanga
* Andy Warhol: 'I Thought Everyone Was Kidding' by Leticia Kent
* Kitsch: The World of Bad Taste by Gillo Dorfles
* What's a Warhol? by Paul Carroll
* The Nineteen Seventies
* Andy Warhol by Rainer Crone
* Andy Warhol by John Perreault
* Warhol's Early Manipulation of the Mundane: The Vanderbilt Cookbook of 1961 by Joseph Masheck
* Art: Huge Andy Warhol Retrospective at Whitney by John Canaday
* Brillo Boxes, Red Cows, and the Great Soup Manipulation... by John Canaday
* Or Has Andy Warhol Spoiled Success? by Grace Glueck
* Art by Lawrence Alloway
* Andy Warhol: Film and Paintings by Peter Gidal
* Warhol as Film Maker by David Bourdon
* The Current Cinema: Mothers by Pauline Kael
* The Once-Whirling Other World of Andy Warhol by Stephen Koch
* Andy Warhol by Oswell Blakeston
* The Warhol Tapes by Linda Frankce
* Andy Warhol and the Society Icon by David Bourdon
* The Philosophy of Andy Warhol by Barbara Goldsmith
* Raggedy Andy by Jack Kroll
* Andy Warhol by Caroline Goldman
* Andy Warhol and Jamie Wyeth by Coe Kerr
* Andy Warhol by Oswell Blakeston
* Andy Warhol by David S. Rubin
* Art: Whitney Shows Warhol Works by Hilton Kramer
* The Nineteen Eighties
* Andy Warhol's Painted Faces by Charles F. Stuckey
* Starlust, Andy's Photos by Carter Ratcliffe
* The Shock of the New by Robert Hughes
* Warhol: Backwards and Forwards by Charles F. Stuckey
* The Rise of Andy Warhol by Robert Hughes
* Andy on the Move: The Factory Factor by John Richardson
* Andy Warhol/Jean Michel Basquiat by Ronald Jones
* Andy Warhol: Top Gun and Brancusi by Jim Hoberman
* America's Most Famous Artist by Pierre Nahon
* The Metaphysical Nosejob: The Remaking of Warhola, 1960-1968 by Bradford R. Collins
* Fast Art by John Updike
* On Art, Where Warhol Failed by Bradley W. Block
* Art by Arthur C. Danto
* Words Around Warhol by Jack Bankowsky
* Ugly People Are Just as Hard to Get as Pretty People by Martin Amis
* Master of Modern Paradox by Carter Ratcliff
* Andy Warhol the Painter by Sanford Schwartz
* The Corpse in the Mirror: The Warhol Wake by Stuart Klawans
* The Nineteen Nineties
* Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up by Bob Colacello
* High and Low by Kirk Varnadoe and Adam Gopnik
* Andy Warhol at the Movies: The Critical Response by Alan Pratt
* Uneasy Flirtations: The Critical Reaction to Warhol's Concepts of the Celebrity and of Glamour by Steven Kurtz
* Sadism and Seriality: The Disaster Prints by Jonathan Crane
* Pop Prose: The Critical Response to Warhol Literature by Faiyaz Kara
* Andy Warhol's Allegorical Icons by Steve Jones

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