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Growing up in the Ozark Mountain of Missouri I attended New Hope Baptist Church and New Salem Methodist Church which were both within three miles of our farm in Polk County. These great old country churches gave me a foundation to build a life upon and a lifelong love of the sound that I remember so well of the singing echoing from these historic buildings. The old country churches of my youth were all aged wood and gave a resonance of the human voice that could never be duplicated in a modern recording studio. Back in 1992 I started looking for an old country church to produce a television show to feature the authentic sound of music inside those old wooden buildings. In 1993 my lifelong friend and fellow gospel music lover, Bobby Joe Bilyeu (pronounced BLUE) found the perfect church. It is located in the Heart of the Ozarks just 8 miles outside of Springfield, Missouri. As noted earlier, I grew up on a farm just 13 miles from Springfield, but in the other direction so I had never heard of this church. It is the historic Cave Springs Church in the community of Cave Springs, Missouri. It was built in the mid 1860's and had been empty for many years when we found it. We were able to take our production crew in and clean it out, repair and paint the inside and paint the outside. It is a beautiful old church and from the first group that we brought in to sing, back in 1994, the sound of that old wood was just spectacular. People all over the country watched our "Old Country Church" shows and our "Gospel Sampler" shows that were produced in the old church and just loved it. It has been our most popular show of all the shows we have produced through the years, along with "Reno's Old Time Music Festival" and my "Stan Hitchcock's Heart to Heart" shows.

Reno and I, along with our wonderful production crew just returned to Nashville from our trip to Cave Springs, Missouri where we produced ten (10) new "Old Country Church" shows with some of the greatest [WHITE] gospel groups in America. I couldn't wait to get back and give you, our BlueHighways TV fans and supporters, the chance to hear the raw, unedited samples of the new shows.


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