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Visual Acoustics,” a documentary that opens in New York on Oct. 9, and later in Los Angeles and other cities, traces Mr. Shulman’s career and the rise of the Modernist movement to which he’s indelibly linked. Filmed by a first-time director, Eric Bricker, and narrated by Dustin Hoffman, it catches Mr. Shulman making a victory lap of sorts, revisiting homes he photographed decades earlier. They include the Kaufmann House, bottom left, by Richard Neutra, and Case Study House No. 22, an elegant glass box by Pierre Koenig perched high above Los Angeles, left. (Mr. Shulman’s images of the latter home, with the nighttime city stretching out below, remain some of Modernism’s greatest advertisements.) As the film makes clear, Mr. Shulman wasn’t simply an architectural photographer but a lifestyle propagandist.

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