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This site is devoted to building a history of late 20th century radical and community printing collectives in the UK; the poster collectives, the service printers and typesetters, the print resource centres. The presses were part of a chain: activists in organisations wrote and designed the books, pamphlets, posters, newspapers and leaflets which they needed to further the cause. Typesetters and printers produced them. Activists and independent bookshops distributed them. And today? Still activists, still typesetters (digital) and presses (eg Calverts), still independent bookshops (eg Housmans, Centerprise) But to a huge extent the internet provides the means for radical communications. The history of the presses is a history that doesn't exist except in the memories of the ex-workers, friends and clients. The idea is that people who were involved in the printshops can create and edit the pages. You need to register and get a password to do this. Just click on the login link at the bottom right of this page and it will take you to a dialogue box with a link to register.
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